Group Therapy is one of the best therapy modalities to help people with concerns in their relationships whether social, friendship, work, family or romantic. You will learn more about yourself and others, about your relationships dynamics, and practice in this "relationship laboratory."  You can begin to heal your relationship to self and others through participation in group therapy, a confidential, brave space of compassion and curiosity.

Suki has been running interpersonal process groups since 2000, and was the Group Coordinator and supervisor in the Ithaca College Counseling & Psychological Services for 16 years. Suki has offered groups for interpersonal growth and for survivors of sexual violence.  In order to benefit from Interpersonal Group Therapy, it is most helpful to make a commitment to join a group for at least four to six months.

Interpersonal Group Therapy can help you to:

  • be more curious and less critical (of yourself and others)
  • feel more connected and less alone
  • connect deeply with yourself and others
  • increase compassion for self and others
  • feel supported in making healthy decisions
  • improve communication skills
  • feel heard and understood
  • help you see blind spots
  • resolve traumatic relationship experiences
  • resolve grief
  • help you like yourself more
  • resolve / improve symptoms of anxiety and depression

Through the group process, group members will be encouraged to share their own "story" and to bear witness to each others' stories, building connection, self awareness, compassion, and support.

The cost of group therapy is $50 per session. Insurance does not usually reimburse for group therapy, and you will need to pay for your "spot" in group as long as you are a member.

To set up a session with Suki to learn more about Group Therapy and whether it is a good fit for you, please call 607-227-2211 or email